Monday, January 28, 2008

Virginia Prize 2008 was debuted on Friday January 25, 2008. It was Hampton’s turn to write the competition in its usual round robin fashion among the three schools of Architecture in Virginia. Professor’s Daisy Williams and Sarah Robertson wrote a challenging program highlighting the African American history of Fort Monroe. Who knew such lush history were only a few miles from Hampton University.
Students gripe about struggling with concepts, board layouts, and “required” parameters. From observation the winners seem to be the ones who break the rules. These students let go and express their design talents from the “gut.” They just know. It seems as if it is talent but in reality it is the designer’s failures from past design problems that allow him or her to let go of their design inhibitions and design. Not all win but designing in such a fashion makes the experience more enjoyable. Pinning up among your colleagues isn’t so dreadful. The final product belongs to the designer, win or lose the designer grows. Here is the competition website for the Virginia Prize 2008 for those interested.

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