Friday, January 18, 2008

ImagiNations finalist

Four Hampton thesis students were selected in the 2007 ImagiNations competition. After a creativley free studio coordinated by Shannon Chance, the "Worlds Apart" team designed an incredible entry that landed them a chance to pitch it to Disney's ImagiNations team. Congratulations once again to Nicole Knight, Nick Smith, Howard Mack, and Justin Harris. Here is a small clip of their presentation.

Hampton ImagiNations Video Clip

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Anonymous said...

How are you all? I am a fellow alum of the dept. I am glad to see the strides that you, the students, are taking to expose yourselves to the outside community(s) of architecture. I have wanted to send you all some software for quite sometime now, but have been preoccupied by other things. I know software can be quite expensive and when I was in school we found ways to “acquire” them. I would like to send just a set of discs that could be distributed throughout the school to whoever needed or wanted the software. I have the following programs:

Autocad 2007
3DS Max 9 (32bit)
V-ray plugin for Max 9
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Illustrator CS2
SketchUP 6
V-ray plugin for SketchUP
Revit Architecture 2008
Rhino V4

Just to name a few, and I can pretty much get my hands on anything else. If everyone or just a few are interested please let me know. This is free of charge. I am just trying to give you all the tools that you will need and that your competition out here has. I can be reached at “”

ps As a reminder these programs are the real deal, but since the licenses are cracked install at your own risk. Feel free to contact me.