Friday, February 22, 2008

Professional Day info/schedule

Here is updated information for HU's Professional Day 03_14_08 courtesy of Diana Lavender. It's coming up fast. So have your resumes and game faces ready. Remember they're looking for you.


Anonymous said...

If anyone who attended Friday's Professional Day needs some info regarding how to start greening HU (how appropriate for St. Patty's Day)- or if you would like some help/mentor/assistance/guidance in the right direction or who to talk to or who to pair up with in other organizations and at other schools- please e-mail me at
Best of luck!-

Anonymous said...

P.S.- ... I saw some really amazing portfolios and resumes! Keep up the good work!
And I'm looking forward to hosting some of you (50 to be exact) at ecoMOD3 @ UVa next weekend!

+i said...

Here are some helpful websites for all of you to begin determining what should and what can be done on campus:

1. The grant I was talking about on Friday is through the National Wildlife Federation - it's about Campus Ecology.
There are multiple grants and contests available. Students can create HU into a "case-study" and if they can prove the lack of campus initiative, and could compare it to the large initiatives at other universities- they could get the rest of the HU community on board. Their grants will be announced later in the spring.

2. Students for a Greener Berkeley - How to Green Your Campus A step-by-step guide on how to conduct some basic measurements of existing issues on campus.

3. It's more than just recycling... HU is on the water- and students could conduct watershed monitoring activities. There are free water-testing kits offered through World Water Monitoring Day. We did this here at UVa last semester. Students can chart water streams on-campus, the ratio of impervious surfaces, and the drainage into the bay. Students collect samples, test them for acidity, temperature, etc. and submit them online to compare worldwide.

4. Worldwatch Institute From seeing the activities here at UVa - I can say that many times those who win grants and funding do so because of "self-promotion"- showing their research/proposal on many different venues and forums in order to get the word out there. The Worldwatch Institute offers a forum for students to write a brief proposal of what they are trying to do on-campus.

5. UVa and the groups here at the school are more than willing to help and partner with you- all you have to do is ask.

Diana Lavender said...

Great Job to everyone at the Professional Day events. Once again, I'm amazed at the work being produced, keep it up!!!! Hope to see you all again in the fall.